2020 Strap Cutting Machine

The Techsew 2020 leather strap cutting machine is designed for precision cutting of leather, vinyl, rubber, cardboard, and other materials into even strips. Material of any length will feed into the machine and cut up to 3/8" thickness with adjustable cutting width.


  • Cuts up to 3/8" thickness

  • 20" cutting shaft size

  • Flip down safety window

  • Adjustable cutting width - includes multiple sizes of spacers

  • Cuts any material length

  • Includes Servo motor and speed reducer for full control of cutting speed

  • 10 blades included and 10 material guides included

  • Powered by 550W 3/4HP Servo motor - adjustable speed

  • Includes a variety of spacers:

    • 24 x 2mm

    • 39 x 2.5mm

    • 12 x 10mm

    • 12 x 20mm


** All TechSew purchases are subject to an additional freight charge on top of the cost of the machine. In-store pickup is an additional $180 + tax, shipping directly to consumer is $250-300 and will be calculated at checkout. **

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