March 12 - SNEAKER Workshop

Welcome to our brand new Lonsdale Leather Workshop Studio. Located at 7 East 7th in Vancouver, BC.


Come join us for a workshop where you'll learn the basics in be introduced into the world of sneaker making. Choose from a range of leathers, eyelets and details to make them your own. This workshop is March 12 2023 at 10am with a 30 min break. This workshop is a decent amount of work so make sure you're prepared and able to work at an efficient pace.

  • $298.00 includes materials, instruction and tool use

  • Range of leather options

  • Choose your Leather, thread, hardware.

  • All skill levels welcome

  • Please inquire if you're looking for a private workshop for you or a group

  • Workshop starts at 10am with a 30 min break.

  • This class will be around 5-6 hours in length.


Current Size Offerings:

- 37 = 5M (7W)

- 38 = 6M (7.5W)

- 39 = 6.5M (8W)

- 40 = 7M (8.5W)

- 41 = 8M (9.5W)

- 42 = 9M (10.5W)

- 43 = 10M (11W)

- 44 = 10.5M


  • Masks are no longer mandatory, however they are encouraged! Our space is small, so if you feel more comfortable wearing one, please do.




Cancellation Policy:

  - Cancellations or rescheduling must be made at least 7 days in advance. Refunds will not be given if cancellation or rescheduling happens within that window.


Sick Policy:

  - We can appreciate and respect that sickness/illness happens unexpectedly, in the case of becoming ill within 7 days of the workshop, students will be refunded the cost of materials. 


Admin Fee:

There is a non-refundable $20 admin fee for all workshops. This helps us cover the cost of charges accrued from cancellations. 


Rescheduling Policy:

Rescheduling is allowed, if done at least 7 days prior to the start of the scheduled workshop. If rescheduling occurs more than 3 times for the same workshop, the workshop will be automatically refunded less the cost of the admin fee. 


Thank you for your understanding.

 - By signing up for L.L. workshops you acknowledge that you've read and understand the above policies.  

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