Techsew - SK-5 Heavy Duty Leather Skiving Machine



  • Top and bottom feed
  • 10 to 40mm skiving width (up to 1.5")
  • Precision designed for simple and smooth operation
  • Built in blade sharpener
  • Adjustable skiving width
  • Adjustable skiving speed
  • Equipped with power stand and variable speed 550W Servo motor

The Techsew SK-4 Leather Skiver is precision designed for edge skiving and whole surface skiving of leather for wallets, leather bags, shoes, boots, chaps, straps and more. It is used to skive and thin out the edges of leather to create clean and consistent ends.


** All TechSew purchases are subject to an additional freight charge on top of the cost of the machine. In-store pickup is an additional $180 + tax, shipping directly to consumer is $250-300 and will be calculated at checkout. **

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