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Product Description

L.L. is proud to bring you another incredible product under our own label.

Our Eco-Cement is a solvent free, contact adhesive ideal for leather, rubber, EVA, PU, cork, etc. It offers an extremely strong hold without the smell and mess of standard contact cements. It is also safe against the skin and will not cause irritation.


- Due to the colder temperatures, we will not longer be shipping our water based cement. This product is still available in store. Please let us know if you would like to order this for in-store pickup.


  • Water Based
  • No Chemical/Solvent Smells
  • Applies white, dries clear
  • Will move and flex with the leather



Two sided application: Apply thin coat on both sides and let the adhesive dry (10–20 minutes or 2–3 minutes on leather, depending on layer thickness, can be accelerated by heating). The adhesive turns transparent when completely dry. Join parts within open time or after heat activation and press.

One sided application: Apply slightly thicker coat on one side and immediately lay absorbent material onto wet adhesive layer. Press materials together and allow several hours of drying/curing time. Two sided application possible for all materials, one-sided application only if one side is ab sor - bent/permeable. Leather to leather: instant bond with one-sided application, adhesive needs to penetrate into the fiber structure. Sewing/stitching is possible after 30–60 minutes.


  • This is water-based product which have the potential to expand, breaking the jar and/or ruining the product inside, during transit.
  • We will continue to ship this product throughout the cold months, however any damage to the product due to adverse weather conditions is solely on the customer. We will not accept returns or refunds due to cold weather.
  • It’s recommended to hold off until the spring to order this product, if your area goes below freezing during the winter months.
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