L.L. | Roma-colour | Premium Leather Dye

Manufactured in Italy and bottled in Vancouver, Canada. L.L. Roma-colour dyes are the leading premium dye on the market. Originally developed for European luxury brands we are extremely proud to bring this dye to market in North America. These alcohol based dyes can be applied by overdying, brush, cloth, sponge or airbrush. Build up beautiful depth of colour through layering. As opposed to other brands, the colour only becomes more vivid and deep and you will not end up with dark muddled tones.


- We are going to be switching over to a low odour formulation called the ROMA ZERO. All dyes in this new formula are labelled in brackets below, when you click on the drop down menu.


    **Cannot be shipped outside of Canada**

    How to Use:


    Step 1. 

    • Pour your dye into a Tupperware or bowl, and take your applicator of choice (sponge, dauber, rag, etc), and dip it in the dye.

    Step 2. 

    • Apply the dye in a circular motion, across the entirety of the piece. Trying to achieve a smooth and consistent application of dye 
    • Try to not go too heavy with your first coat, you can always darken it with a second layer if need be. It’s also sometimes easier to control the consistency of dye if you go light on the first coat.

    Step 3. 

    • Let the dye dry (this all depends on how thick you went with your application, it can be 20-30 mins, a few hours, or over night). 
    • Wipe down the piece with a clean paper towel, to get any lingering pigment that may have dried on the surface. 

    Step 4. 

    • Apply a top coat, such as Leather Balm or Acrylic Resolene. This will seal in the dye, prevent dye transfer or water/moisture affecting the look
    • It may also be advisable to condition your piece prior to using a top coat, as sometime the leather gets a bit dried out from the dye. 


    • Allow ample time between dye coats, and between dyeing/applying your conditioner and top coat. It may be advisable to wait over night between these applications. 
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