Angelus Acrylic Additive

Angelus Acrylic Additives allow you to achieve different effects on leather and other materials with ease.
2-Thin is for thinning paint for airbrush application
Duller is for dulling paint or finisher to give it a flat look
2-Hard is for harder plastic areas to help adhesion and scuff protection
2-Soft is for making our paint soft and launderable for cloth, canvas, and other soft material
Available in 1 oz or 4 oz


  • This is water-based product which have the potential to expand, breaking the jar and/or ruining the product inside, during transit.
  • We will continue to ship this product throughout the cold months, however any damage to the product due to adverse weather conditions is solely on the customer. We will not accept returns or refunds due to cold weather.
  • It’s recommended to hold off until the spring to order this product, if your area goes below freezing during the winter months
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