Angelus Basics Kit

Angelus Direct shoe paint is the premier paint for your custom sneaker and leather painting projects. Whether you're customizing your Jordans, or have a shoe restoration project, our 6 Colour Basics Kit is a great choice. 

Colours Included:

  • Green (1 oz)
  • Yellow (1 oz)
  • Orange (1 oz)
  • Red (1 oz)
  • Violet (1 oz)
  • Blue (1 oz)


  • This is water-based product which have the potential to expand, breaking the jar and/or ruining the product inside, during transit.
  • We will continue to ship this product throughout the cold months, however any damage to the product due to adverse weather conditions is solely on the customer. We will not accept returns or refunds due to cold weather.
  • It’s recommended to hold off until the spring to order this product, if your area goes below freezing during the winter months
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