Grommet Setter

  • A sturdy setter and base, for setting Grommets.
  • Steel construction. 
  • Small round base and setting handle included.

Steps for Use:

  1. Place Base of Grommet in the round base (it should fit in snugly).
  2. Put your leather or fabric over the post.
  3. Place the washer over the post, so your leather or fabric is sandwiched between the Grommet and Base. 
  4. Place the setting handle so it fits inside the grommet post. 
  5. Hit the top of the setting halde gently with a rubber or plastic mallet, until the post of the Grommet has rounded over the washer. 
  6. If it is fitting a bit loose, hit a couple more times with your mallet.

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*Setter received may vary slightly from photos*

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