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  • LL Crew

From the same lab that developed and produces our Roma-colour Premium Leather Dye. Manufactured in Italy and bottled in Vancouver, Canada. L.L. Roma-paint is the ideal choice for painted edges. Originally developed for European luxury brands we are extremely proud to bring this paint to market in North America.

These acrylic edge paints are made to be applied to raw leather and synthetic leather edges. Simply sand your edge with fine grit sandpaper, brush clean, apply 1-2 layers of basecoat, followed by 1-2 layers of Roma-paint then finish with one of our three topcoats.

Roma-paint is developed to bond to your edges to give a polished, long lasting finish.


How to use:

Step 1. 

  • Apply a layer of base coat, using an edge roller, scratch awl, or brush. Leave ample time for it to dry (a few hours is sometimes necessary, if not overnight).
  • Alternatively, base coat might not be necessary if your edge is smooth/free of excess fibres, but it is recommended to achieve a totally smooth and blemish-free edge. You can also burnish the edge first, rather than base coat, with Tokonole or Tragacanth Gum. 

Step 2. 

  • Apply a smooth, consistent, layer of edge paint. 
  • In some cases you can sand with a high grit sand paper to buff out any inconsistencies in the paint. Our edge paints are heatable for smoothing as well.
  • You can do a second layer of paint if need be.

Step 3. 

  • Apply a top coat, in the same manner as the paint, in a smooth and even layer. Trying to avoid going too thick, as the top coat can potentially peel away if sections are too thick/don’t adhere correctly. 


  • Leave ample time in between base coat-paint-top coat. A few hours to over night is our recommendation.


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