OWDEN - Edge Beveler Sharpening Stone

The Owden Edge Beveler Sharpening Stone is the ideal tool for sharpening our Owden Edge Bevelers. 

  • The stone itself has a grit to it, but it is recommended that you use it in unison with a high grit sandpaper overlayed on top, to achieve the best results. We typically recommend using 300grit or more.
  • This sharpening stone is double sided, with 'U' shaped stones on one side as well as flat stones on the other side.

How to use:

  • Place your sandpaper over the stone, and sand the edge of your beveler in a 'pulling' motion, back towards yourself; start at the end of the stone, and pull back. 
  • Try to hold the beveler at the same angle as the factory milled edge, you're just sharpening, not trying to change the angle of the blade. 


The 'U' Shaped stones are for the backside of the beveler, the flat stones are for the top side.

Stones range in size from 1-6mm.

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