OWDEN Professional Edge Creaser / 3 sizes

  • Owden Professional leather edge creaser tool made of stainless steel with ebony handle.
  • The tool is mirror polished, Used to make decorative lines for leather edges. There are three sizes (1.5 mm ,2.0 mm and 2.5 mm) ,The size means the distance form the decorative line to the leather edge. This tool is 2.5 mm.
  • The working section of the tool has a curved surface, One side is close to the leather edge, And the other side is marked with a beautiful decorative line on the leather surface(Refer to picture 3) And the top point of the tool can be used for the curved corner of the line.
  • Repeated work in a fixed position, You will find that the decorative line will become more and more obvious and full. If the tool is properly heated, The process will become faster and better.
  • The tool handle is made of ebony and ergonomically designed to minimize the fatigue of work. 

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