Techsew - 4800 Pro Cylinder Walking Foot

The Techsew 4800 PRO is designed for sewing a broad range of leather goods including bags, belts, wallets, upholstery, saddle bags, satchels and more. It is also suitable for sewing nylon webbing, canvas, denim, heavy fabrics and synthetics.

With its higher presser foot clearance, newly adopted dual-tension control, adjustable presser foot climbing mechanism and larger thread size capability, the 4800 PRO offers increased work efficiency along with the highest seam quality for fine leather products.


  • Light to heavy-weight leather (1-2oz to ½” maximum thickness)

  • Light to medium weight nylon webbing

  • Medium to heavy weight canvas, denim, fabrics, synthetic materials


  • Automatic Needle Position System – designed for improved efficiency, the SmartServo-NP motor will automatically stop the needle in the down position when the operation pedal is released, thus allowing the operator to more easily turn the product to sew a 90-degree corner

  • Laser Guide – the laser line facilitates the sewing of straight lines and aligning rows of stitches

  • Swing Down Roller Edge Guide – adjustable and easy to swing up and out of the way, the roller edge guide helps to feed the material in a straight line thus improving stitch accuracy

  • Flatbed Table Attachment – the attachment fits directly over the cylinder arm, converting it to a flatbed machine to facilitate sewing of flat products such as wallets and belts

  • Speed Reducer Pulley – The speed reducer pulley is installed in combination with the variable speed Servo motor, further reducing the sewing speed from a minimum of approximately 2 stitches per second to less than 1 stitch per second

  • Accessories Package – an accessories package comprising of 1 spool of size #69 bonded nylon sewing thread, 3 packages of needles (various sizes), 8 bobbins and left toe zipper foot will be included


  • Compound walking foot feeding mechanism

  • Large extra-capacity hook (M-style bobbin)

  • Dual-tension control for more precise thread tension

  • Adjustable presser foot climbing mechanism helps maintain consistent stitch length on uneven materials

  • Includes variable speed SmartServo motor and speed reducer pulley for stitch by stitch control of sewing speed

  • Drop-in bobbin system for easy access to the bobbin

  • Reverse feed to reinforce stitches

  • Integrated bobbin winder

  • Knee lifter to raise the presser foot

  • Safety clutch

  • Includes Reinforced U-table, motor, tools, LED lamp, instruction manual, accessories

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty included

  • Individually inspected and sewn-on prior to shipping


  • Machine head

  • Pro package (automatic needle position system, laser guide, swing down roller edge guide, flatbed attachment, accessories package)

  • Assorted 3 x 10/pk of 135x17 needles (size 18, 20, 23)

  • 8 Bobbins

  • 1/2 lb. 3000 yard spool of bonded nylon thread size #69 (color may vary)

  • Reinforced U-table

  • SmartServo motor (110v)

  • Speed reducer pulley

  • LED lamp

  • Thread stand

  • Knee lifter 

  • Operation manuals

  • Oil

  • Drive belt

  • Table drawer

  • Screwdrivers


  • Presser foot clearance: 5/8” (16mm)

  • Sewing Capacity: ½” (13mm)

  • Needle Bar Stroke: 36mm

  • Maximum stitch length: 9mm

  • Cylinder arm length: 10.5”

  • Cylinder arm diameter: 3” (72mm)

  • Needles: 135x17 or 135x16 sizes 18 to 24

  • Thread: sizes #46 to #277

  • Maximum sewing speed: 2500 SPM

  • Hook: Large extra-capacity hook

  • Motor: 750W 110V variable speed SmartServo needle position motor

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