Heritage Series / 9 COLOURS

** Please see colour notes at bottom**

The Heritage Series is available in 2/3oz and 4/5 oz weights and is a 50/50 veg tan / chrome tan leather. It is full grain leather that has a smooth, polished finish with a pull up effect. These cow sides are approximately 18-22 soft. A great option for bags, boots, accessories and wide range of other leather products.


  • 2/3 oz or 4/5 oz
  • Full grain cow side
  • Medium temper
  • Smooth Grain
  • Oil pull-up effect


Leather notes:

  • Leather dye colour may vary slightly from images listed.
  • Leather is a natural material, so may have stretch/fat lines, scars, and the occasional brand.
  • If there are any specific requests for leathers, please send us an email prior to placing your order, and we will do our best to fulfill those requests.

Colour Notes

** Our latest batch is slightly different than previous. ** Updated Dec 14 2022

  • Navy has a more indigo/blue hue to it, as opposed to dark navy
  • Acorn has a mottled/pebbled dye job in this batch, and has a more yellow undertone
  • British Tan has a slightly mottled/pebbled dye job, and also has a yellow undertone
  • Red has a very marbled dye colouring. 
  • All hides are more oily, and have a slightly different texture.

Please contact us at 604.873.6556 or info@lonsdaleleather.com with any questions

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