Conceria Puccini Attilio - KOALA Volanato / 17 Colours

The worlds finest 100% Vegetable tanned leathers.


Direct from the hills of Tuscany, Italy, Conceria Puccini Attilio leathers have unmistakable sensation of sight, touch and smell.


Precious are our bovine raw hides that arrive from the best cattle from France and North Europe, preserved only with coarse salt in order to keep the freshness; our raw hides are taken from what is left from the human meat consumption and we take this discarded-by product to give it new value through the tanning process. Precious are our wooden drums, where leather comes to life, where leather is treated to last forever. Precious is our water, which rinses the skin from its impurities and acts together with vegetable tannins to make new life. So precious are our tannins, powders obtained from the bark, the trunk, the leaves and the fruits of chestnut, quebracho and mimosa plants, extracts of unique and natural properties. Our ancient recipes of animal, vegetable, marine oils and fatliquors are precious and give the skin softness and elasticity, and we cherish it as treasures of our experience. Precious are our dyes that penetrate into the fibres of the leather and colour it with brilliant tones, without ever being dull or artificial and whose small differences in tone guarantee only the uniqueness of the product. Precious are our chains and hooks to which the skins are hung, left to the slow drying of time; our machines and our dry drums that tumble the skin making it soft and silky. Precious are our pads and our spraying machines that finish the full grain leather, colouring it and giving it a warm and transparent appearance; our rolls lined with felt and rolls made with amber stones that polish the leather by rubbing the surface that naturally shines. In all this, our hands are precious that take care of every single skin, considering it as a unique material, as a creation to take care of , as something, indeed, precious.


  • 4/ 5 OZ

  •  Full grain double shoulder

  •  Medium temper

  •  Textured grain 


Leather note:

  • Leather dye colour may vary slightly from images listed.
  • Leather is a natural material, so may have stretch/fat lines, scars, and the occasional brand.
  • If there are any specific requests for leathers, please send us an email prior to placing your order, and we will do our best to fulfill those requests.


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