Cypress Latigo / 4 COLOURS

*Updated Latigo Hides - Nov, 2023
*Our new batches going forward have a pasted back side, for a smoother finish and are full vegtan not a combination tan. The new heavy weight Black, Dark Brown and Burgundy are 13-15oz, not 10-12oz.*

The Cypress Latigo is available in 6-7 oz and 10-12 oz hides.
They are polished hides with a firm temper and semi-finished backside. 
Latigo leather is cowhide leather that is combination tanned. First it is chrome tanned, then it is vegetable tanned.

Ideal for straps, bags, and outdoor gear. Will not wet mould.
  • 6-7 oz & 10-12 oz hides
  • Full grain cowhide sides
  • Polished finish with smooth flesh side
  • Average hide 20-25 sq ft
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