Outback / 3 COLOURS

This leather is the Outback Oil Tan cowhide. It has a medium to firm temper and is soft enough to bend and crease but firm enough to retain its body and shape when needed. This leather has a soft smooth feel and is not overly oily or waxy. It is very consistent in both colour and the grain. A great option for bags, boots, accessories and wide range of other leather products.

  • 5 OZ - 5.5 OZ
  • Full grain cow side
  • Medium to Firm Temper
  • Smooth consistent grain
  • Soft oiled touch


**The 20+ sqft option is for those who want a full side, or more than 20 sqft.

- Your cart will add it as $0.00, and we will pick out a hide larger than 20 sqft.

- We will then invoice you with the exact square footage and price of a larger hide. 



Please contact us at 604.873.6556 or info@lonsdaleleather.com with any questions
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