Italian Veg Tanned Double Bend / MAREMMA / 5 COLOURS

These Double Bends are premium full grain hides with a firm temper and smooth consistent grain. They have been lightly glazed to produce a mellow shine, and are ideal for belts, strapping, cases, and other large projects. The flesh sides have been sanded and buffed with a resin finish, the natural hides do not have a resin back.

These Double Bends are cut from our Conceria Puccini Attilio Maremma leathers. 
  • 9-10 oz
  • Full grain cowhide
  • Resin finish on the back, except the natural
  • Firm temper

Leather note:

  • Leather dye colour may vary slightly from images listed.
  • Leather is a natural material, so may have stretch/fat lines, scars, and the occasional brand.
  • If there are any specific requests for leathers, please send us an email prior to placing your order, and we will do our best to fulfill those requests.

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